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May 6, 2008 by bobbyhundreds

Is anyone else seeing this problem on their WC homepage? :

It's not just on my page I see this but it is showing on any others that I view.
April 9, 2008 by bobbyhundreds

When I try to install the latest IconPackager (3.99d.[b].062) using SDC it keeps failing.I get a countdown from 3 to 1 several times then this message appears :

This is the log which is generated :

-- [Application] ----------------------------------------------------
Name:   Stardock Central
Path:   C:\Program Files\Stardock\SDCentral
Version: 2.54.522, build: 167

-- [System Information] ---------------------------------------------
Platform: ...
February 18, 2008 by bobbyhundreds
Try to catch the Magic Gopher out.   
September 5, 2007 by bobbyhundreds
This is on UK tv at the moment ,I thought it would be fun to post.

WWW Link
September 5, 2007 by bobbyhundreds
Hi,I'm making some shortcuts for my Stardock software with DesktopX for my vista sidebar.It's a great feature and they look really good,but I have one left to do which is LogonStudio Vista.
With the others I used 256 x256 pngs and reduced them to 110 x 110 so they look nice on the sidebar but I can't find one for LogonStudio Vista.
Is there one available so I can have a nice shortcut like my others?
Thanks in advance.  
August 28, 2007 by bobbyhundreds
Hi,I am thinking of buying Corel Draw X3 as I need to replace my graphics software (Corel PSP X)which doesn't work on my new vista PC.
I noticed on Amazon that there is a "student/teacher" version of X3 which is considerably cheaper than the full version.I qualify as a student at the moment (albeit a rather ancient one)and I am curious as to what the difference is between the two versions.
Are vital features omitted or is it just the uber technical stuff that is left out?
If this is the case ...
July 24, 2007 by bobbyhundreds
Hi,I saw a great tutorial for making progress animations for WB on WC a while ago but I just can't find it again.Anyone know where it is please?
July 20, 2007 by bobbyhundreds
How do I improve on the quality of the jpeg which has to be used for the preview picture of any pngs I upload for docks.
The problem I have is that the png looks crisp,clear and clean but the jpeg preview looks pretty awfull.I set the quality to 100% in pspx but it still looks poor.
Thanks in advance.